• Pamela Buddenhagen

My First Blog Post! I'm so excited

Hi, my name is Pam and I have been photographing families in Rhode Island and Mass for 2 and a half years now. I live in Johnston RI with my husband Randy, who will now be my "co-shooter." He also owns an Appliance Repair company, Appliance Master Inc. that services most of RI. I run the home office for that as well, most of the time with our German Shepard laying at my feet. ( That is what's going on as I type)

We got married over the summer and have 5 daughters from ages 14-20 years old, all living with us. It's a full house, it's a happy house, it's a loud and sometimes chaotic house.....you get the picture. And here is an actual picture. This was taken on our wedding day in July. I think it gives you a good feel for how we all are together 😜

I wanted to start this blog to talk about all of my photo sessions. To showcase my work and show everyone how my shoots go. I try to make them fun and easy. There's husbands and teens out there that would choose to scrub a toilet over posing for family photos and I want them to leave saying "ok, it wasn't that bad". I'll be including pictures, videos and talking about where the sessions took place and how they went, what worked well or what definitely didn't, because let's face it sometimes we get a wrench thrown in the plans and babies cry, kids fool around or they just straight up don't want to be photographed......

But rest assured when this happens I have the patience of a saint and pride myself in getting photographs that will make you happy!

Little ones do not have a lengthy tolerance for photo sessions, they have no idea why it's so important to their parents to have them and more over why a stranger is taking the pictures. I think making your little one comfortable with is the most important part of our session. If we don't accomplish that, not much good will follow. This isn't just my belief for babies and toddlers either, it even holds true with teenagers and adults. Standing and posing can feel very awkward and I go out of my way to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. Keep following my blog and you'll get to see us in action.

We have 2 weddings coming up this fall as well and I absolutely cannot wait to shoot their special days. Fall is so beautiful and I am looking forward to see how each couple brings out the beauty of this amazing season with their decor. There will be plenty of posts and photos for these 2 events when they happen. The next couple of months is our busiest season, with outdoor fall family photos, Pumpkin Patch shoots and Christmas Tree farm "minis". I can't wait to share all of that here with you. I just finished setting up the details for our Farm day in October. I will be talking all about that in the coming week when i'm ready to start booking those time slots! I love the Holidays and everything about them so this time of year for photographs is my absolute favorite and you will see that for sure as you keep following along.

Thanks so much for reading my very first blog post! I promise to keep you entertained with plenty of stories and interesting content from my sessions, my planning, my crazy family and anything else you'd like to read about. Let me know and i'll make it happen!! Happy Reading

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